Contribute to the Love for Lola Fund

The Love for Lola trust fund is managed on a volunteer basis by immediate family members. If you decide to send a monetary gift to Lola’s fund, rest assured that every cent will be put toward facilitating Lola’s recovery and improving her quality of life. In the past, donations have provided Lola with an ipad and various communication apps, a modified stroller, a bicycle trailer, as well as dietary supplements that are not covered by healthcare.

Donations to Lola’s fund can be made at any Scotiabank location worldwide. To participate, simply deposit your monetary gift into ACCOUNT / 809520530484. You may also send funds via online banking, PayPal or regular cheque or money order if you so wish. For details on alternate transfer options, please contact Paula Lippiatt (Gillian’s sister) at   Paula can answer any questions you may have about how Lola’s fund is managed and to what your gift will likely be applied.

If you’re in a position to show Lorelai your support, please consider a gift to the Love for Lola trust.

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