Visitors for Christmas

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I think it’s safe to say that we don’t host a lot of company at our place. Uncle Sean and the gang for holidays, yes – but that’s about it. Grama and Grampa booked a flight to come out Boxing Day, and Liam was so excited. We didn’t tell Lola, because then she would want them here in Lola time, which means NOW. She was so excited to see them. She is infatuated with Grampa – led him by the hand everywhere and sat by him whenever she got a chance. She had lots of snuggles with Grama up in her bed too, which she loved. Lola spends lots of time in “the Flex”…which is her playroom at the front of the house (about the size of a small home office). She has lots of toys in there, and a play kitchen, and a TV. That’s about it for excitement (oh, and a loveseat for people to actually sit on while they’re in there). She quickly tires of being in there, which is a problem because given the run of a house, she is out of control. Think Tasmanian devil in a china shop. With Grama and Grampa here, she was always wanting out of the flex to visit with them. So we’d start in smaller increments, allowing her to explore and hang out. Once she’d destroyed too many things, we’d take her back into the flex to hang out. Cue big temper tantrums…lots of hitting and crying. Over the Christmas break, she spent lots more time out of her playroom and has been doing really well. She is also responding to requests and understanding cause and effect. “Do you want lunch? Okay, go sit down on the couch.” Sometimes it takes several requests, but she’s getting there.

At school she’s having more good days than bad. Of course she had to test them out upon her return to school post-break, but they dealt with her firmly and kindly, and voila….same old Lola. My favorite part of the day is reading what she got up to at school in her agenda. There are detailed reports of her antics and growth, and it puts a smile on my face. She still loves her super long bus ride (thank you, ginger tablets…helps with nausea), riding her bike down the halls, and of course, swimming.

Yesterday she came down with a cold – poor girl. She’s still in good spirits but has sad little eyes. Hopefully she bounces back quickly.

Liam’s still into Pokemon, soccer, and now, recorder. Yikes. He’s got quite the sense of humour and doesn’t miss a thing. He’s really getting into soccer, and even though his team’s on a bit of a losing streak lately, he’s keeping his spirits up and bouncing back after a loss. This is quite a change from last year, and we’re super proud of him. He is fierce and unrelenting in net – so aggressive. He’s learned so much in a year.

Alright, I can hear Lola showing her dad her ipad – loudly “Sat?” (meaning “what’s that?”) on repeat for ten minutes….while he tries to sleep. ha.

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