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Ode to my brother

Here sits my lovely blog, hand-crafted by my talented brother, and safeguarded by his team. I’ve left it on a dusty shelf for several weeks.

Well, as luck would have it, my brother happens to be at my house right now….wondering why said blog is such a neglected specimen.

So here’s a newsy update. Lola continues to love school and nearly everything that goes along with it. Until she doesn’t. Then it’s bedlam. Her teacher reports that she has made incredible gains this year. Her listening skills have improved so much – she will sit at her little desk and work on her ipad (okay, she’s playing….same diff), and is throwing tantrums less often, and resolving them quicker too. All good things.

A few weeks ago we went to Kamloops to see if Lola could handle the long drive, and to see how she’d do in a hotel room. She did just great. She loved the hotel pool and spent several hours each day there. The boys rode their bikes all day, then joined us in the pool when they came back. We also took a few outings in the stroller to Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s (because they were on the hotel strip) – which she loved. Lola doesn’t really get out of the house much, because she’s actually pretty tough to manage. She’s a runner, she drops like a starfish if she wants to go a different direction, she screams, etc. So we often take the easy way out and just stay  home. One of us. In the winter, it’s usually Steve. In the summer, it’s often me. It’s just easier. So anyway, we got tired of the hotel room and I took her to McDonald’s. She ate like a happy camper (still in her stroller – so contained, but still dining in a restaurant!) and then we thought we’d try out the Playland. She did great. She went down the slide about 50 times, and really had a blast. It was good to see her doing what other kids do – and to see the smile on her face. I live for that smile.

Lola’s cousin, Julia is doing some massage therapy with Lola as part of a course she is doing at Mount Royal. It’ll be neat to see if it helps Lola’s range of motion , sleep, or general quality of life. Julia’s working hard on a program for Lola, and Lola’s cooperative about 1% of the time. That’s actually not true – initially she was a squirmy, wiggly, ticklish frog – and tonight she was awesome. Julia said that while she was writing her notes down, Lola reached under Julia’s shirt and massaged her back. So cute. Whatever she did must have worked because Lola was sawing logs a few minutes after they finished up.

Liam’s been busy running the neighbourhood with his buddies, playing Minecraft and whatever new app/game comes out on his ipod, etc. He’s also taking an art class, which he’s loving. He’s a funny, wise little man. This year he’s been helping out in the ES2 classroom, which is a special needs room at his school. He loves the kids, and it sounds like they like him right back. He has connected with them and sees working with these children as being a possible career path. What a kid.

I’ve been doing a couch 2-5-k program, and hating pretty much every second of it. I’m not cut out to be a runner. What are these endorphins people are talking about? At any rate, I will see it through to the end – if my piriformis stops screaming at me to stop.

Feature_Western_Open_01Steve’s patiently waiting for the snow to melt for good so that he can get out on his bike. Being trapped in the house for months on end is taking its toll. There’s only so much Netflix a person can watch. So race season is upon us….and Liam’s stoked to be Steve’s tagalong this summer.

Okay – should get to bed because tomorrow is my dress rehearsal for High School Musical. Busy times ahead.



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