Well, we weren’t too successful at our Neuropsych appointment yesterday. As in, Lola barely made it past the front desk before she was deemed “non-compliant” and shown the door. I’m always surprised when we have an appointment at the Children’s Hospital, with state-of-the-art everything, and there is no type of play-based assessment that I’ve ever seen. Weird.  So the room that she would have had her neuropsych assessment in had a table, some cupboards, two chairs, some paper and pencils. Hmm. At any rate, the Dr. and I had a good interview, and then I had to go fill out ten questionnaire booklets. That took a couple of hours. Sigh. And talk about depressing to see, in triplicate, how your child does not measure up.

Today’s appointment was with our Neurologist, Dr. Rho. He wasn’t as sure that these “episodes” we’re seeing are in fact seizures. He said kids like Lola can exhibit odd behaviours that look seizure-like. So we’re heading for another EEG, which should be interesting. We haven’t been for one in quite awhile (years, actually) because I always talk them out of it. My charm didn’t work this time. If he sees anything interesting on the EEG, we’ll go from there. Lola was pretty good at this appointment once we got the weighing and measuring done. I love the response the nurse gives me during a wrestling match….”So, Mom, do you have an estimate on her weight?” Good times.

When I went to pick Lola up from school, she was in her coat and ready to go, watching some “Signing Time”…one of her faves. She gave me a side hug and went back to mesmerized watching. I loved watching her little pals interact while we were there. Mr. M walked us out to the car, said goodbye to Lola, and said that Lola’s been doing really well at school, and that she’s really improved in a lot of areas. He said, “I know you likely don’t hear that a lot.” It was super awesome to hear. Lola’s so lucky to work with some amazing people at her school….they are so caring and concerned and really know how to work with Lola to get her to focus, settle, and learn.

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