It’s All Good!

Somebody’s been naughty. And by naughty I don’t mean sneaking an extra cookie or taking something that’s not hers. I mean breaking things, slamming things, hitting things (and people), running away, and throwing tantrums of epic proportions. Usually all of the above are done while she sports a massive grin – which, of course, makes us laugh. But seriously – we’re very happy with Lola’s new discoveries – truly, we are. Her newfound sass brings new challenges at the dentist, eye doctor, and monthly ivig transfusions. She is one strong, determined little gal, which makes curbing her enthusiasm (or not) extremely challenging. We’re working on it.

New things for our girl:

– language – she’s got tons of new sounds, squeaks, consonants and vowels. We’re dying for her to string some of them together, but for now we’re enjoying all the “Dada” and “Mama” we can get. At school, her nickname is “the peacock” because she’s always squawking and yelling.

– opening doorknobs – this is an awesome development, but also cause for concern because she’s on the move (and a flight risk!). We’ve resorted to littering the doors with those ugly white, plastic knob turner things.

– high fives are back

– she’s remembering so much more – like she takes Liam’s hat to him whenever she finds it, because she knows it’s his. She has little jokes that never get old…like when Mom pretends she’s crying and Lola gives her a huge hug (she doesn’t really think I’m crying….it’s just our thing), and s

– she now has favorite toys – she sleeps with a stuffed owl every night, and if she wakes up and can’t find it, she freaks out. She’s giving lots of hugs to dollies, and has taken a favorite red-haired one to school a few times. She still loves loud toys like cowgirl Jessie, Grover microphone, and anything that looks like a cell phone (she places it up to her ear and smiles).

– she now does “the jellyfish” whenever she doesn’t feel like going where you want her to go, etc. Picture a two year old melting into the floor – then picture an almost 7 year old doing the same move…..way less cute…equally frustrating.

And the absolute best news ever – Lola has had ZERO SEIZURES since her surgery in January. We are thankful every second of the day for that miracle. Best thing ever!


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