Six Weeks Post-Op

So what does our life look like, six weeks post surgery? It’s pretty incredible. After the CSF collection on top of Lola’s head magically dissipated, she slowly got her mojo back, got off the couch and started playing with her toys. After she was home for three days, she started to sleep through the night. Steve has slept in Lola’s bed for at least the past two years – because she would wake up repeatedly, but also because she would often have seizures in the night. I snore like a bear, so Steve had to do nighttime duty with Lola. Now she sleeps by herself, pretty much all night, every night! She wakes up without looking exhausted. Actually, she wakes up full of beans, laughing, and squawking. She’s been much more vocal since her surgery, and has been saying “Maam” and “Dada” and “Daddy” which is amazing to hear. She’s happy, engaged, playful and sweet. A far cry from the constant wailing we would hear for hours on end pre-surgery.

We are feeling so blessed. And nervous. We’re afraid to count the days that she’s been seizure free for fear we’ll awake the beast. The beast that’s stolen so much from us in the past four years. But right now, things are good. We’ll take it and run.

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