Slowly Getting Her Mojo Back

We are at four days post-op, and Lola is healing nicely. Her incision looks great, the swelling is starting to abate, and little by little we are seeing glimpses of our girl. Yesterday brought us smiles and giggles – the first one was for uncle Sean. We are at the point where medically, we could go home, but from a physio standpoint, they’d like to see her standing, sitting, more aware. Today, Lola finally gets to have a much needed bath. She’s so gross. Post-op, sweaty, etc  as soon as she wakes up she is headed for the spa!

Liam has been amazing. When he first visited us, Lola didn’t look much like Lola. She was completely swollen and had a black eye. He just climbed into bed with her and snuggled. What a boy. He’s been spoiled by all the kind folks at ACH – from Child Life staff, to nurses, cleaners, clown, neurosurgeons and clerks – everyone has taken the time to joke with Liam and to let him know he’s a special kid.


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