ICU – passing through

Lola’s surgery was a go this time around. We got checked in and were in MRI for about 7:20am. Steve did laps of the place with Lola in her stroller. She was grumpy, sassy, and ready to roll. Steve took her in while they put her to sleep, then we went to a family room to wait. An OR nurse came to see us at ten to say by the time the first incision was made it was 9:30am. We were pretty surprised when our next update was around 12:30 – by the surgeon himself! He said she did great, did not require transfusion, and we could see her in an hour.

We didn’t get her down to icu for a couple hours later, but did get to peek at her in recovery. Right now she’s sleeping and very nauseated. She is doing great, her vitals and labs are where they need to be. We are so thankful for family, friends, prayers, texts, and visits.

We can’t love this girl enough.

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